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Isle of Harris Distillery launch new refillable aluminium bottle to help cut its carbon emissions

The Isle of Harris Distillery has launched a new refillable aluminium bottle as part of a new subscription model to help the company reducerecyclable bin bottle its carbon emissions.

The company which produces the Isle of Harris Gin Bottle created the 500ml refillable bottle to address the growing demand from customers to let them keep the award winning glass bottle.

Isle of Harris Distillery launched the refill project to explore the potential of refill solutions by experimenting with aluminium – a material with exceptional recyclability, lightness, and excellent carbon footprint figures.

The new refill bottle is only available through a limited annual subscription service initially as the first stages of the refill project begins.

It will be delivered in a Jiffy green bag, lined with cushioning paper fibres instead of plastic bubbles making them fully biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable.

Simon Erlanger, managing director, at Isle of Harris Distillery, said: “We’ve been looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint without losing the pleasure of pouring from our lovely gin bottle. We learnt that aluminium can be the most recyclable of materials and so this new subscription service looks like a great solution.”

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