• Tom Jones & Andrew Stephenson

  • Andrew Stephenson, Giles Ashmead & Murat Bayram

  • Lord Paul of Marylebone

  • Giles Ashmead, ALFED President

  • Andrew Stephenson, Minister and Undersecretary for the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy

  • Murat Bayram, Managing Director, EMR

  • Murat Bayram, Bruce Miller & Lord Paul

  • Jan Lukaszewski, Tom Jones & Lord Paul

  • Adrian Bailey, MP

  • Lord Paul & Clive Bush, Director Amari Metals

  • Baroness Gardener of Parkes & Kelman Devlin, Director Gestamp UK

  • Steve McCabe, MP

  • Linda Ford, ALFED Events Coordinator

  • Giles Ashmead, Melissa Beasley, Linda Ford, Tom Jones & Jan Lukaszewski, ALFED

  • Lord Brookman

A fabulous lunch at the House of Lords hosted by Rt Hon Lord Paul of Marylebone on Thursday 20th June 2019

One of the unmissable events on the ALFED calendar, the House of Lords lunch was a complete success, we received outstanding feedback and had a great afternoon hearing our speakers present to the Aluminium federation members, senior industry leaders, Lords Ladies & Members of Parliament.

Lord Paul of Marylebone

Pictured here is Lord Paul who hosted this year’s lunch and was joined by Adrian Bailey MP, Andrew Stephenson, Government Minister, Tom Jones CEO ALFED & Giles Ashmead President ALFED on the top table. Once again we thank Lord Paul for being a constant and enthusiastic supporter of the aluminium industry and the Aluminium Federation.

House of Lords guest speakers

Andrew Stephenson MP, Minister and Undersecretary for the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Pictured below, the Minister spoke on topics including the strategic value of Aluminium to UK growth and prosperity, UK Industrial Strategy post Brexit, Brexit and the impact of industrial uncertainty over the last 3 years, post Brexit and FTA’s and support for UK manufacturing now and post Brexit.

Murat Bayram, European Managing Director European Metal Recycling (EMR).

Murat Bayram seen in the photo below spoke of critical elements on re –use and recycle, the huge consumption of natural earth resources, the circular economy and the impact on greenhouse gasses on the planet.

Giles Ashmead, President Aluminium Federation.

In the photo below Giles, the ALFED President spoke on topics including the uncertainty over the last three years of Brexit and the negative impact to industry, commented on the delay and inability of parliament to agree to any deal increases the damage to manufacturing.