Meet the Infrastructure Contractor: ASGC


February 24


05:00 pm - 06:30 pm

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ASGC, is a leading UAE-based construction group with a turnover in excess of US$ 1bn and employing over 15,000 people. It is the largest privately owned contractor in the UAE and has been in existence for over 35 years. They specialise in large scale building and infrastructure projects in the UAE and Egypt, and also have a growing presence in the rest of Africa…

Through their UK subsidiary, they have also become heavily involved with UK Export Finance (UKEF) – the government’s export credit agency, becoming their biggest contractor globally with US$ 1bn worth of supported projects secured in the last few years. We will hear from UKEF about how this helps UK suppliers win business with such prime contractors.

ASGC have expertise in airports, roads, hospitals, social infrastructure etc. and currently have projects in Egypt, Ghana, Angola and UAE. They are actively pursuing other similar projects across West and Central Africa. ASGC wants to extend the company’s database with additional UK vendors in each sector, recognizing the strength of the UK supply chain. It welcomes UK vendors to be part of ASGC supply chain in all its projects, even if not supported by UKEF.

Join this webinar to hear from Ramy Habib, their International Procurement Manager about what they look for in suppliers and to book a 10 minute initial chat with him later that day.

Africa Infrastructure Projects – Meet the Contractor B2B event

We are also pleased to announce that ASGC will also be part of our Africa Infrastructure Projects – Meet the Contractor B2B event on March 9th and 10th when Midlands-based suppliers can request 1-1 meetings with ASGC and 9 other prime contractors with projects across Egypt, Ghana and Uganda who are all seeking UK suppliers to join their supply chains. To pre-register for this event, please click here.

24th February 2021 | 09:00-10:30 GMT | Sign up