Future of furnaces

Future of Furnaces


September 14


04:00 pm - 12:00 am

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Future of furnaces

The future is now when it comes to furnace technology

Manufacturing industries are already seeing the results of the ‘Furnace of the Future’ in reducing CO2 emissions and producing cleaner, more sustainable materials.

But how can energy-intensive manufacturers work towards making this future a reality? Are we already seeing the benefits of adopting smarter and more sustainable technologies within furnaces? Or, could we be doing more?

This online event will unite the glass, aluminium and steel sectors to discuss overcoming heat treatment challenges and present a collaborative approach to bring the Furnace of the Future to life.

Topics will focus on:

  • Adoption of Industry 4.0
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Heat Treatment
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Testing & Measurement
  • Retrofitting
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Operations & Productivity

When: 14th September – 15th September

Read here: https://aluminiumtoday.com/furnaces/future-of-furnaces