Blue Skies, Green Future: Designing Alloys for Metals Resource Efficiency


June 14


10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Professor Mark Rainforth discusses how alloy design can impact resource efficiency and sustainability in the metals sector

The ‘Blue skies, green future’ webinar series presents ideas to spark discussion on the topic of transformation and innovation within the foundation industries.

Webinars will take place each month and with novel ideas and concepts presented by a world-leading researcher in the field. During the session, speakers will discuss a technology which if implemented could transform the foundation industries. The goal is to encourage the audience to consider ways in which their own industry can utilise and embed innovation.

This session will be a presentation from Professor Mark Rainforth on the impact of alloy design on sustainability and resource efficiency within the metals sector.

The manufacturing and processing of metals to form components is one of the largest industrial sectors. Material security concerns the access to raw materials to ensure economic sufficiency. The sector faces major future challenges as key elements will be increasingly in short supply with consequent price volatility. Equally, many materials rely on strategic elements for which supply is not guaranteed, with rare earth elements being the prime example. Addressing resource efficiency in metals production and use requires that new metal alloys be developed specifically to reduce reliance on strategic and scarce elements, for recycling and for disruptive manufacturing technologies that minimise waste. The Designing Alloys for Resource Efficiency (DARE) consortium have used basic science to come to an understanding of the role of strategically important elements, to design new alloys with greater resource efficiency and to optimise the processing route for the new alloys to give supply chain compression. This talk will take examples from a wide range of metal alloys, including ultra-high strength, low alloy and nanostructured steel, titanium alloys and magnesium alloys.

When: 14 June 2021: 15.00-16.00

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