Government update

Daily update from GOV.UK


  • Meeting climate change requirements from 1 January 2021
  • Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Demonstrator
  • UK Internal Market Bill introduced today
  • Feed-In Tariffs scheme accreditation deadlines: proposed changes
  • Smart data: putting consumers in control of their data and enabling innovation
  • UK internal market: policy option proposals
  • UK internal market
  • BEIS: spending over £500, June 2020
  • BEIS: spending over £500
  • Government sets out plans for new approach to subsidy control
  • ESF action notes: 2014 to 2020 programme
  • Consumers and businesses to be given more control of data under new laws
  • Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Government investment to help build robots for nuclear plants and batteries for electric aeroplanes
  • Review of consents for major energy infrastructure projects and Special Protection Areas
  • UK takes major step towards membership of Trans-Pacific free trade area

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