Dept for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS)

Covid-19: guidance for France/Scotland/Wales

  • A new requirement that has just come into effect for all those entering France, including HGV drivers. This measure appears to be targeted at curbing potential non-essential travel over the upcoming Easter weekend (ie holiday trips) but it will obviously also apply to drivers carrying freight across the border. Advice is that all travellers will be required to present a certificate to confirm that their trip meets the criteria for essential travel – this includes goods carriers and cross border workers amongst others. A copy of the form is attached. It is straightforward to complete but it will take a few days to bed in during which there is scope for drivers getting stopped by the French and not understanding why, which gives way to potential alarm bells over freight routes seizing up. See for more. International Travel Document to France
  • The Scottish Government have updated their guidance to the construction sector yesterday, ceasing all non-essential works unless related to the Covid-19 response. Operational advice states that “The construction sector and its supply chain is considered a non-essential business sector, except where supporting an essential sector as listed above”, i.e. CNI.
  • The Welsh Government also updated their guidance on physical distancing in the workplace. The guidance states that “The regulations require employers to take reasonable measures so that workers can maintain 2 metres distance from one another.  They do not require all employers to enforce 2 metres distance between all workers all of the time. There will be circumstances in which it is not possible to take reasonable measures.  But employers will be expected to undertake an assessment before concluding there are no reasonable measures that they can take, and there are no blanket exemptions form this legislation.  It is an important principle that employers undertake an assessment of what reasonable measures can be taken and to keep this under periodic review.”