November 2019 Market Report

In Quarter 3 2019 the UK gross domestic product increased by 0.3% following a decline of 0.2% in the previous Quarter. Technically therefore the UK avoided a recession but the economy remains weak. Analysts had expected a rate of 0.4% in Q3, falling to 0.2% in Q4.

Business confidence is now at a seven year low point according to a survey at the Centre for Economics and Business Research. This results from a stagnated services sector in October and depressed manufacturing and construction sectors.

The CBI has found that factory orders have improved during November but from a very low base. The uncertainties of a “no deal” Brexit have lifted slightly but with a new Brexit deadline of 31 January the new Government after the General Election, of whatever colour, would have to hit the ground running, not the usual modus operandi of Government, particularly with a Christmas and New Year break in the offing.

On a brighter note the rate of inflation fell in October to 1.5%. It was suppressed by significant falls in energy prices after Ofgem lowered its price cap. Average wages are now rising at 3.6%, resulting in a bonus for wage earners. The pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates has eased.

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October 2019 Market Report

A survey towards the end of October showed UK consumer confidence weakening due to concerns over job security and Brexit, confidence now at its lowest level for six years. This is the third month in a row that consumer confidence has fallen. The same survey showed the majority of businesses are now preparing to cut costs and reduce employment levels.

Productivity measured in terms of UK output per hour has also fallen recently. The latest data for Q2 2019 shows a fall of 0.5%. The UK productivity increased rapidly during the period 1996 up to 2006 but after the financial crash in 2007/8 it has done little more than flat-lined.

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Quarterly Global Update Q3 2019

  • Global Primary Aluminium Production
  • Standard EN 573-3:2019
  • Aluminium Beverage can Recycling in Europe
  • Modern scrap Sorting Technologies
  • Aluminium Content of Cars
  • Aluminium and Mobility
  • Fire Safety in Residential Buildings

September 2019 Market Report

At the beginning of September, the organisation MakeUK, which we used to know as the Engineering Employers Federation, EEF, published a very gloomy forecast for manufacturing, with domestic demand down, orders down, investment plans down and recruitment down. Brexit is, of course, a major concern but trade wars and a shrinking global economy are also factors. Their growth forecast for 2019 for manufacturing is now down to 0.1%.

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July-August 2019 Market Report

Inflation in the UK is now at 2.1% which is above the Bank of England target of 2.0%. Employment levels are at historically high figures and wage inflation, now at 3.6%, is the highest level since 2008. The Bank of England has signaled that interest rates could rise but there is an over-riding concern that the UK could then slip into recession.

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May 2019 Market Report

The UK economy grew by 0.5% in Q1 2019, up from 0.2% in the last quarter of 2018. Private consumption and government spending contributed positively while net trade was a negative influence. There has been extensive stockpiling ahead of what should have been Brexit, now postponed, and consumers seem to have thrown caution to the wind. The growth for Q2 2019 may well be adversely affected as companies work through the stockpile rather than placing new orders. Never-the-less the Bank of England has now put up their 2019 prediction of growth to 1.5%. A CBI survey indicated that 30% of member companies are finding a reduction in export orders, partly because the Eurozone is itself weaker, particularly in Germany. There is also a trend of Eurozone companies reducing their dependence on UK companies and restructuring their supply chains away from UK.

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Quarterly Global Update Q2 2019

  • Global Primary Aluminium Production
  • Presidency of the EU
  • REACH and Aluminium
  • Aluminium REACH Consortium
  • EA Sustainable Development Indicators
  • EN15804
  • Order Aluminium According to European Standards

June 2019 Market Report

The Office of National Statistics data now available shows that the UK economy shrank in April more sharply than expected.

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Quarterly Global Update Q1 2019

  • Global Primary Aluminium Production
  • EN and ISO Standards for Aluminium
  • Presidency of the EU
  • Jean Plateau (1923 – 2019)

April 2019 Market Report

Surveys this month have shown that UK business confidence is at its lowest point since 2008.

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