BLOODHOUND SSCBritain’s 1,000mph world land speed record challenger, has  been driven to more than 200mph at Newquay Airport, as the initial part of its testing.

The test runs saw BLOODHOUND’s driver, Wing Commander Andy Green, at the wheel for the first time. Green and his team ran the jet powered car up to and beyond 200mph, using its EJ200 Eurofighter engine on the Cornish airport’s 1.7 mile main runway and pushing it to maximum reheat – or afterburner – phase. 


The runs, each of which saw the car accelerate from zero to 200mph in just under 1300 metres, have been used to evaluate the car’s steering, brakes, suspension and data systems, while also measuring the efficiency of the air intake that feeds the EJ200 jet engine, sourced from a Eurofighter Typhoon.

For the Newquay public run she vehicle was sporting the logos of its new sponsors – including ALFED – the Aluminium Federation.

Now that the tests on Newquay’s 1.7-mile runway have been completed, the BLOODHOUND team plans to ship the vehicle to a specially prepared strip for the first of two high-speed campaigns in 2018. The team intends to use the 11-mile track at Hakskeen Pan in South Africa, where the car will be driven to more than 600mph, running without tyres on forged aluminium wheels developed with guidance from Innoval.


Further runs are planned to take BLOODHOUND’s speed past the current 763 mph land speed record, and ultimately on to 1,000 mph.



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