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June 2019 Energy report

Wholesale markets remain unpredictable with a number of new drivers beginning to emerge. Global demand – or rather the lack it – appears to be the dominant driver of the day and, with no sign of this changing in the short term, prices continue to be held in check. The latest Capacity market auction cleared its […]

May 2019 Energy report

While we now know for certain when Theresa May will be standing down from office, what affect her announcement will mean to energy prices is very much unknown. The need to resolve Brexit will be top priority for the new PM. Energy markets will continue to remain highly susceptible to the perceived outcome, deal or no deal. […]

ASI Newsletter – April 2019

In the April edition of the ASI Newsletter: Understanding ASI’s outcomes and impacts ASI Certification is not an end itself – ASI’s vision is to maximise the contribution of aluminium to a sustainable society. This will mean practices and performances in the value chain need to keep improving. How will we know whether ASI is […]

ETQG 2019 2020 Suspensions round 1 January 2020 list of items

The EU duty suspension regime exists to help EU manufacturers import components duty-free, provided they are not manufactured in the EU. This is to help UK/EU manufacturing better compete with finished products from cheap sources overseas. These duty suspension requests are made in twice-yearly “rounds” by the EU. For this new round, there are three […]

March 2019 Energy report

With the end of this month comes some legislative changes. April 1st introduces the new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) initiative. The main objective of this change is to incentivise the reduction in carbon emissions by promoting energy efficiency. By increasing your energy efficiency, you ultimately reap the benefits. Energy Report – March 19