Aluminium in Aerospace in collaboration with The Future LiME Hub

Aluminium in Aerospace

Newton Room, Hamilton Centre, Brunel University London on 28 November 2019

The reduction in total-life environmental impact of air travel has been a key performance metric of the aerospace industry for many years and has consistently been improved upon through the optimisation of; materials, manufacturing processes and design. The aerospace industry is, however, facing a significant challenge.

While the focus on reducing environmental impact has dramatically intensified in recent years, the predicted increase in rate of manufacture of next generation single aisle aircraft and the emergence of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) concept for future travel presents significant challenges to meeting future efficiency goals without significant evolution in; materials, manufacturing methodology and approval processes.

Aluminium is critical to the aerospace industry manufacturing capability and remains central to the industry achieving next generation; efficiency, performance and environmental goals across all future platforms. There is, however, significant potential to expedite the achievement of these goals through; both alloy and manufacturing process optimisation and improved industry/manufacturing/academia collaboration. The Future LiME Hub is dedicated to advancing and facilitating each, and is hosting a free aluminium in aerospace event (with support from ALFED, IOM3 and the ATI) which represents:

An opportunity to:

  • understand next generation; conventional, hybrid-electric and E-VTOL/UAM aerospace platform requirements
  • gain insight into the UK strategic roadmap for ensuring UK based manufacturing capability to support what are very diverse platform requirements
  • explore how the UK; aerospace industry, aluminium industry, manufacturing base and academic institutions can collaborate and innovate to expedite this capability evolution

Key themes:

  • improving efficiency through design
  • alloy optimisation and development
  • total life CO2 reduction and circular economy
  • automation/digitisation requirements for next-gen manufacturing environments
  • certification/validation streamlining
  • cross-industry knowledge transfer
  • integration and optimisation of indirect additive manufacturing
  • enabling future rate capability

Speakers include representatives from:

  • the Future LiME Hub
  • the Aerospace Technology Institute / HVM Catapults
  • aerospace OEMs
  • aerospace Prime and Tier1/2 suppliers
  • UK manufacturing base
  • UK Light alloy R&D institutions

About the organiser:

The Future LiME Hub is a national centre in liquid metal engineering primarily funded by EPSRC and based at Brunel University London in collaboration with the universities of Oxford, Leeds and Manchester, and Imperial College London. The Hub aims to lay down a solid foundation for full metal circulation by conducting research in physical metallurgy, solidification science and processing technology. For more information please visit