Aluminium for automotive conference

The current explosion in interest in lightweighting in the automotive sector is the main driver behind a new automotive conference taking place in Birmingham later in 2017.

Advanced Aluminium for the Automotive Industry is a two-day conference, to be held on 21 and 22 November 2017 at Millennium Point in Birmingham, at the centre of the UK’s manufacturing heartland.

The Conference has been developed by the Aluminium Federation to reflect the intense interest in technical developments in the area of automotive lightweighting.

Focusing on current developments, the Conference will present market-leading and emerging technologies concerning aluminium in vehicle manufacturing. Speakers and participants from the aluminium industry, automotive component suppliers, OEMs, and mechanical engineering will discuss innovative developments and new technologies for the automotive engineering of the future.



“It’s a time of rapid change for the global automotive industry,” said Aluminium Federation chief executive Will Savage. “And aluminium is at the centre of many of these developments, be it alternative power sources, autonomous vehicles or the continual demands for better performance, safety and efficiency through lightweighting.

“This conference brings together experts from both the aluminium and automotive sectors for what  promises to be two exciting days that showcase the fantastic potential of aluminium for automotive engineers.”


Organisations already confirmed as presenting include JLR, Constellium, CRU, Innoval Technology, Alloy Heat Treatment, Castalum, IPG Photonics, Sapa, SDF, European Aluminium, Bmax, Aeromet and Impression Technologies.


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