ALFED members join forces to commercialise HFQ technology

Coventry-based Impression Technologies, a leading developer of advanced light-weighting technology, has been awarded funding through the Advanced Propulsion Centre to further develop and validate Impression Technologies’ HFQ® Technology for use in the global automotive industry. The total project value is £9.5 million, with £4.8 million in funding from the APC.

Impression Technologies will lead the RACEForm project consortium comprising Gestamp, Innoval Technology, Imperial College and Brunel University.

The RACEForm project will focus on validating the HFQ® Technology for the mass production of complex,
deep drawn, high strength aluminium structures for body in white and chassis applications and help establish the technology as a global standard for aluminium light-weighting worldwide. The HFQ® Technology, for which Impression Technologies holds the exclusive global rights, offers OEMs significant savings in weight, cost and system complexity through its ability to produce deep drawn high strength aluminium alloys with low cycle times and no spring-back.

The consortium will also work in partnership with a major UK OEM, and a producer of aluminium. The RACEForm project will help position the UK as a leader in aluminium light-weighting and
establish a strong UK supply chain capability for the development of low cost, mass production low emission vehicles.

“We are delighted that APC has chosen to back our HFQ® Technology”, said Jonathan Watkins, Impression Technologies’ CEO. “We look forward to working together with Gestamp and the other consortium members in collaboration with our OEM and aluminium partners to further develop the HFQ® Technology for mass production and to establish the technology as a global industry standard.”

Tom Larsen, Gestamp’ R&D Advanced Technology & Application Manager added: “Gestamp is continuously innovating in product and process and material developments and see HFQ® as an important milestone in developing advanced technological parts for application on future OEM platforms.”

“Through our modern Industrial Strategy, we are improving our supply chains to make it easier
for them to work with big business”, said Minister for Climate Change and Industry, Claire Perry. “Alongside this, our recently published Clean Growth Strategy underlines our support for the low carbon sector and the 430,000 people working in the industry across the UK.”

“If we want the UK’s automotive sector to remain a success story, we must invest in technologies that will help reduce the weight of vehicles. That’s one of the reasons why the government is supporting the Advanced Propulsion Centre, so it can help drive the collaboration needed to accelerate the development
of low carbon vehicle technologies such as those developed by Impression Technologies.

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