There is no doubt that we are facing a climate emergency. We are witnessing unprecedented levels of climate-related destruction that the IPCC Working Group has described as a “code red for humanity”.

Accelerate your net zero journey - The Aluminium Federation

We all know we need to act now to avert the climate catastrophe, but many organisations are held back by not knowing where to start. A staged approach allows organisations to achieve net zero in a balanced way. The first step is measuring your emissions and calculating your baseline. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, so establish a starting point that will form the basis of your plan.

The next step is to determine how fast you can go and to consider the opportunities available to make net zero a reality. Organisations will need a structured plan underpinned by realistic timelines and a clear business case, identifying the investment needed plus any opportunities and risks.

The final step is all about delivering on your commitments.

Zenergi supports and empowers organisations on their journey to net zero. With a unique range of services, we tailor sustainable solutions for all our customers. We drive major reductions in costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions with our market-leading procurement service; informed advice, and unrivalled engineering expertise.

From energy audits to understand your energy usage and identify energy-saving opportunities; to compliance services keeping you on top of your ESOS and CCA obligations; to streamlined energy procurement, with comparisons, risk assessments and a detailed comparison of your options to meet budget and net zero requirements all prepared for you; or Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) design services to integrate energy-saving measures into building design, leveraging renewable energy solutions and implementing decarbonisation strategies, Zenergi is here to help you optimise your utility usage, minimise environmental impact and achieve net zero.

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