ALFED backs the fastest wheels on earth

The Aluminium Federation has become a sponsor of the BLOODHOUND SSC Project.

The BLOODHOUND Project is using a 1,000mph World Land Speed Record attempt to inspire the next generation about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Led by former World Land Speed Record holder Richard Noble, the BLOODHOUND team aims to raise the Record in South Africa in late 2018, with a vehicle driven by Andy Green – former Thrust SSC driver and currently the fastest man on Earth.


“Education, especially in the STEM subjects, is vital to the future of manufacturing in the UK, and the BLOODHOUND project is doing an amazing job in inspiring young people in this area,” said Aluminium Federation President Giles Ashmead. “But that was not the only reason we decided to become a sponsor. Offering a unique combination of strength and lightness, aluminium features throughout BLOODHOUND, most notably in its forged aluminium wheels – the fastest wheels on Earth.”

BLOODHOUND’s 910mm-wide aluminium wheels are designed to run at more than 10,000 rpm on the hard desert surface, at which time they will experience forces of 50,000g at the wheel rim.

Several Aluminium Federation members are already sponsors of Bloodhound in their own right, including Innoval Technology, Alimex, Akzo Nobel and Jaguar Land Rover.

BCAST joins Aluminium Federation

The Aluminium Federation has welcomed its latest member, BCAST.

BCAST is an academic research centre on the campus of Brunel University, focusing on the solidification of metallic materials. Established in 2002, it is one of the world’s strongest solidification research groups, now comprising over 70 academics, research fellows, postgraduate researchers, technicians and administrative staff.

“We have had contact with BCAST since its launch, and joining ALFED guarantees an even closer working relationship in future,” said Aluminium Federation President Giles Ashmead. “Casting in aluminium is a rapidly developing area, and ALFED members such as Innoval Technology, Constellium and JLR are already working with BCAST.”


BCAST’s Professor Geoff Scamans said: “The Aluminium Federation is interested in novel technology that has the potential to make a step change in the casting of aluminium alloys, and their ability to be processed into high-performance castings and wrought products – particularly if this can be achieved with recycled metal.

“The melt conditioning technology developed by BCAST has major potential for exploitation by the UK aluminium industry to provide closed-loop recycled, high-performance, low-cost castings, extrusions and sheet for applications such as lightweight automotive bodies. There is a natural synergy between the interests of ALFED and the technological advances made by BCAST, making it highly appropriate that BCAST should become members of ALFED.”