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Aluminium Federation calls for multinational WTO response to new US import duties

Aluminium Federation calls for multinational WTO response to new US import duties 

The US will apply a 10% import duty on European aluminium products starting 1st June 2018, according to a decision released on 31st May 2018. The announcement from President Donald Trump, which cited national security concerns, will affect UK businesses and downstream supply chains. 

As the trade body representing the UK aluminium industry, we reject the assumption that UK aluminium exports are a threat to US national security, and we call on the UK government and EU to launch a WTO trade dispute over the unjustified measures.

Since the US Government began discussing the serious possibility of import duties, we’ve emphasised the importance of our transatlantic trade relationship – and categorically rejected the idea that UK aluminium exports represent a threat to US national security. 

We will continue coordinating with government stakeholders, industry representatives and trade bodies from the US, EU and other countries to manage the consequences for our members and their supply chains. This includes working with the Department for Business and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), government ministers and European Aluminium on ways to contest the tariffs through the WTO. Our efforts will continue to focus on long-term, fair and sustainable ways to address distortions in global aluminium markets.

The US previously announced aluminium import duties starting 23rd March 2018, but the EU negotiated an exemption along with Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Mexico. As of today, the tariffs apply to aluminium article imports from all countries except Argentina and Australia.

If you have any questions about managing your exports in light of the US announcement, please contact us on +44 (0)121 601 6363. As always, we are standing by to support members and promote their interests as market conditions evolve.