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The Aluminium Federation (ALFED) is the trade association that represents the interests of the whole of the UK aluminium industry.

Our mission is 'to expand the market for aluminium products in the UK and to promote the interests of the Members of the Aluminium Federation.'


ALFED has  around 100 member companies drawn from every sector of the UK aluminium industry, from primary production and secondary refining through to fabrication, finishing, distribution, stockholding and recycling. Members also include companies supplying the aluminium sector, and those manufacturing in aluminium.

ALFED has strong links with government, is a founder member of UK Metals Council and administers the UK Aluminium Industry All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG). Aluminium is a highly trans-national industry, reflected by ALFED's active membership of the International Aluminium Institute, European Aluminium and the Aluminium Standards Institute.

ALFED members have access to a range of industry, political and social events, including an annual Dinner and House of Lords Lunch. Members can participate in sector groups: Finishing; Recycling; Extruding; Automotive. Quarterly Innovation and HSE meetings are also held.


Training, development and education are very important to our members. ALFED runs a range of industry-specific training courses, manages the schools Alu D&T Challenge, and sponsors the BLOODHOUND SSC Project.


ALFED warmly welcomes new members: to discuss the benefits of ALFED membership, please contact us using the website contact form, or call Margaret Lane on 0121 601 6363.