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Aluminium Casting Workshop, 26 September 2017


The Aluminium Federation and ICME are running a one day training workshop on Aluminium Casting Metallurgy on Tuesday, 26 September at BCAST , Uxbridge, UB8 3PH. 



This new workshop gives an ideal introduction to the metallurgy of aluminium casting for delegates who are new to the aluminium foundry industry, such as apprentices and trainees. It covers the technologies of all the stages of production of aluminium castings and their end use.


It is also aimed at non-technical staff in aluminium foundries, such as those in finance and HR, who would benefit from some technical knowledge of aluminium casting.


Additionally it gives basic information on aluminium casting to those who are working in the casting of other metals such as steel, cast iron and the copper-based alloys.


The Workshop tutor is Chartered Engineer Jan Lukaszewski, ALFED technical manager, who has mote than 30 years' experience in the metals sector.

The Casting Workshop on 26 September will be held at BCAST in Uxbridge, north London. BCAST is a leading research centre that aims to be an international leader in liquid metal engineering in order to underpin and strengthen solidification research, strategic technology developments and user-led industrial applications. The workshop will include a tour of the BCAST facilities.

Please follow the links for the programme and a booking form for the workshop.

For further details or to make a booking please contact Ann Gough on 0121 601 6365 or email