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The World of Aluminium



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To be held on Tuesday 4 December 2018, this is an intensive, one-day course that gives participants an elementary, practical understanding of aluminium production, processing, application, markets and industry.

Equally suited to technical and non-technical people, the workshop is delivered by Jan Lukaszewski and Ian Oliver. It requires no prior knowledge of aluminium, and is therefore suitable for both new and more experienced employees.

The four sessions of the workshop are:

  • Introduction to Aluminium
  • Working with Aluminium
  • Uses of Aluminium
  • The UK Aluminium Industry

A copy of the full programme can be viewed here.



Ths workshop is held four times per year; the next available date can be found under the "Events" section.

For further information, please contact Ann Gough on 0121 601 6365, or email


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